A Wheeler's Opinion: What is the Best Destination for DeAndre Jordan?

Like it or not, DeAndre Jordan will benefit any team that gets him

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan's name has been included in the nagging trade rumors surrounding the Los Angeles Clippers and given how bad the Clippers are as of late as they recently ended a 9-game losing streak, pundits are now feeling that now's the proper time for the Clippers to make a decision: make a roster move and now save whatever that it is left of their season. Why?

The Clippers currently have a 6-11 record which puts them just 3 places above the Dallas Mavericks- the West's worst team at this very moment. In fact, the Clippers' cross-hall neighbor, the Lakers, have a slightly better record at 8-11 which ties the Lakers with the Utah Jazz in the 9th spot. Had the playoffs started today, the Clippers' 7-year streak of 7 straight playoff appearances would have been snapped. Fortunately, the Clippers have until the trade deadline to make a trade- big enough to turn their season around.

But let's focus on DeAndre Jordan, folks. Through 17 games of the current season so far, he has averaged 10 points and 13 rebounds per game. He's the second-leading rebounder in the league- just one of the many things why DJ has been among the most-sought-after centers in the NBA

During the past few days, rumors surrounding trade possibilities involving DeAndre Jordan Sources have already indicated that there are multiple teams who have expressed interest in acquiring Jordan via a trade.

Now, if you ask this basketball pundit on wheels, there's one specific team that will benefit the most if it acquires the services of DeAndre Jordan- one way or another. That team is none other than LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Why?

Here's why:

Despite the fact that the Cavs are on a 7-game winning streak which improved their record to 12-7, the Cavs are still in need of a consistent rebounder and a rim protector. Sure, Kevin Love can play at the center position but we all know that hasn't worked for the Cavs for Love is more of a 4 than a 5. Tristan Thompson, on the other hand, has only played 8 games this season so far- all thanks to injuries.
That's where DeAndre Jordan comes into the picture. Imagine having a starting unit that includes LeBron James, Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas (when he comes back), and finally, DJ. That's a scary starting unit- at least on paper.

For this trade to work, the Cavs would have to include either Thompson or Iman Shumpert along with Channing Frye and a draft pick in exchange for Jordan. This trade could work both ways because once Thompson and Shumpert return to full health, they will give the Clippers additional firepower.


The Cavs will need a center of DeAndre Jordan's caliber if they want to challenge the Golden State Warriors anew. While getting DJ will require sacrifices, it will all be worth it because that will make the Cavs even stronger- at least on paper, right?

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