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Balls-Eye: Does Korver Deserve to Start for Cavs?

Kyle Korver

Kyle Korver. He is known as a deadly outside shooter off the bench for the Cavs. Whenever quick huge points are urgent, he'll be pulled out off the bench. But what if he would be a part of the starting line up? What would be the advantages and disadvantages?

Well, I just came up with this idea because Korver sofar has been doing great for Cleveland by shooting threes.

So, what may be the prospective advantages of him in the starting line up?

Of course, there would be a greater chance for the Cavs to crack a relatively huge gap. With threes, you can score more points and thus you can break away easily if the ball goes straight down the hoop as planned. Kyle Korver obviously hits most of his shots. He is very efficient and reliable when it comes to this job. In fact, this is what he does best. The catch and shoot 3 point shooting.

What's gold about Korver is he isn't afraid to take shots. There's no space for hesitation especially when he or his team finds himself wide open.

With him starting, he and Kevin Love's outside intensity could be augmented and set up a huge lead in the very early phase of the game.

How about the disadvantages?

Well, putting a player off the bench to the starting line up will bring about a significant change. Korver's threes are quite deadly in the mid game but aren't tested yet for the opening. Defense may get quite different in the 1st quarter as all the players have fresh legs thus, the defense may be too sticky and there's a lesser chance for Korver to be open.

If he all of a sudden became a starter, all team's instinct is to cover him all over. Of course, he would not be moved to the first five for no reason. Cavs could not hide their intention so its effectivity would not depend on the game plan but on the skills of the players itself.


In every decision, there are always advantages and disadvantages. Despite these facts, Korver has played well for the Cavs and deserves a spot on the first five. He deserves even a trial for this and sees its effectiveness. Now is the time for experiments because when the playoffs commenced, every game would be much more critical and all decisions shall be firm.



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