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No Green Light for Boston: 4th Consecutive Loss Decceleration

Al Horford

Struggling and trying to keep on top but they are forced to fall for the 4th straight time.

Yes, it was just a single point deficit against the Lakers but at the end of the day, a loss is a loss.

4 straight losses would definitely hurt a team on the top spot just like the Boston Celtics. The Toronto Raptors at number 2 just tied up in terms of losses with Celtics. Luckily, Boston is 3 games ahead of Raptors because if it happened that the Raptors had more games already played, then they could've tasted a bitter slide down.

What had happened? Kyrie had 33 points but they lost in the worst way. A one-point loss while struggling for a win in the past three games.

When Horford got hit in the head, Celtics inside suddenly fell. As a result, Lakers cracked a 68 - 48 rebound difference. And a 58-44 paint point production.

Lakers also got a lot of freebies, hitting 21 free throws while Boston with only 8. Lakers smartly took advantage of Horford's absence, bolstered its aggressiveness and thus drawing fouls.

Despite the tragic sequence of Celtics this season. Players remained quite positive and just let a bitter fall pass. Kyrie says 'that's that'. While Marcus Smart, the game shot taker said they just have to come up with a victory tomorrow against the Los Angeles Clippers. Horford meanwhile said that he had trust on his teammates especially when he was held onto the bench after a head hit.

Another loss would definitely hurt Boston because they would have more losses than the trailing Raptors if this would be bound to happen.

Another must win situation is in front of Kyrie Irving and the rest of the squad. They need to get back their intensity during that 16 straight wins and just sweat off today's 4 straight falls. 



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