Kraken Era: Fajardo to Reign Infinitely... Indefinitely?

June Mar Fajardo: Kraken Era

June Mar Fajardo and the San Miguel Beermen hammered it down hard against the Magnolia Hotshots to bag their 4th straight All-Filipino title.

The Kraken scored a monstrous 42 points. Quite unsurprising but still undeniably jaw-dropping.

For how long can June Mar dominate the league?

The answer is indefinite. June Mar's got the size, strength, and the skills.

With a towering 6 foot 10 ready to cover in defense and crush on offense, June Mar's size advantage is stronger than ever. This size domination was even fortified due to his rival Greg Slaughter's frequent injury times that pulled him out of the league unable to play most of the time.

Of course, he's not just big but he also has the power and the strength. There are some games where June Mar plays full 48 minutes of which only imports can manage to do so. June Mar never runs out of gas especially on clutch situations. What makes this intense is of course his opponent directly assigned onto him expends twice as much energy to stop an enormous monster like him.

When Fajardo first came into the league, he possesses the size and the power which is inherent to his enormousness. But what makes him a killer is the skills he has acquired through the years. June Mar's no ordinary bigman. He can spin, shoot mid range shots and the best part is he takes free throws swiftly. Being a bigman equals being the focal point to absorb foula especially the hard ones. A big man who could take care of freethrows well would be very efficient for the team's total production.

Slaughter's full recovery may be the prospective neutralization against the Kraken but the result of the duel between these towers is still to be decided by the ball. No one knows for sure when this era would end, in fact, if you think about it, does anyone know when it started?