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Finally, Lingerie Football League comes to TV

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By Josiah Schlatter | http://outofbounds.nbcsports.com

 Lingerie Football

Move over 'Sucker Free Sunday,' there's a new programming sheriff in MTV town and it's the Lingerie Football League. Yes, the league that sounds as believable as a Terrell Owens model that exhibits humility will be hitting mainstream audiences on Friday.

And it's not just a Super Bowl halftime show gimmick, as MTV2 has decided to corner the audience that goes to football games to ogle cheerleaders by picking up the Lingerie Football League in a last gasp effort to get SOMEBODY to watch their channel. Let's hope their censors aren't sleeping on the job.

  Lingerie Football
Friday Night Lights has now taken on a whole new meaning. Beginning next Friday, the ever adventurous and wardrobe malfunction-laden Lingerie Football League will call MTV2 its home. So if you previously spent your Friday's dreaming of women in bikinis wrestling and pulling each other's hair, then yeah, consider this your 4th dream layer in Inception.

Though the LFL was an interesting gimmick that caught our nation's proverbial eye a couple years ago, the league has faded from the the public's conscience except for the odd shot of a woman's bra falling off as she awkwardly holds a football. Now excuse me as I try and find a loophole that will allow me to compete in this thing.

The Lingerie Football League will be coming to a TV set near you 

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