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Pacquiao ranks 25th as boxing's most influential

When people talk about boxing today, one can’t help but mention Manny Pacquiao and the legend he had etched in the sport’s colorful and eventful history. I still can and will argue that, indeed, he has bought the sport to new heights in this modern age, so to speak, and thus deserves all the accolades and praises for being boxing’s “savior” in some ways.

Being named as one of boxing’s most influential icons did not come as a surprise to anybody who has an idea of how the Filipino icon shaped the nation’s character with his every feat. But being named ahead of most of the bigger names in the history of the sport? That says a lot about Pacquiao's character, which definitely leaves an impression that the man is destined for boxing greatness.

Pacquiao ranked 25th among boxing’s most influential names, a list recently compiled by Yahoo! Sports’ boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) analyst and columnist Kevin Iole. Dubbed as “the biggest boxing superstar Asia ever produced,” Pacquiao was named ahead of other greats, such as lightweight boxer Roberto Duran (No. 26), Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr. (No. 27), heavyweight legend George Foreman, and even Joe Frazier.

The Sarangani Congressman, who is set to kick off his training camp for his much anticipated November 13, 2010 showdown with Mexican slugger Antonio Margarito, was cited not only for his sportsmanship inside the ring but also for his celebrity status that tagged him as one of the most likeable faces of boxing today.

In the prestigious list, Iole described Pacquiao as “one of the elite active boxers whose passionate Asian following has helped make him an international superstar and fodder for non-traditional boxing media such as CNN, Time Magazine and GQ.”

Mike Tyson, the embattled heavyweight champion who was constantly associated with various personal issues on-and-off the ring, was at the 16th spot just behind Rocky Marciano, another heavyweight champion who retired with an unbeaten professional slate.

The great Muhammad Ali, as expected, was at the top spot and we might not need to debate much about it. His legacy alone speaks for himself and for the sport, and never will somebody as great as a champion that he is be able to take his throne from him.

“Ali wasn’t the greatest fighter who ever stepped into the ring. But he was among the finest and no one before or since has had the impact he’s had upon the game,” Iole writes. “His style, with his hands at his side, circling the ring and flicking out jabs, has influenced generations of fighters. His ability to promote an event and give one a reason to watch has been unmatched.”

The list not only includes boxers but also named promoters, managers, broadcasters, trainers, and other prominent personalities who were largely involved with the boxing industry.

Interestingly, unbeaten American Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who recently made headlines after the release of his recorded video on uStream.com pronouncing Pacquiao’s name as “Poochiao,” was at the lower half of the list at No. 70. “Mayweather is one of the finest boxers of his era and became part of the largest fight in boxing history when his 2007 bout with Oscar De La Hoya sold 2.45 million on pay-per-view,” Iole notes about the outspoken boxer.

In the said video, Mayweather was seen ranting about Pacquiao’s inability to speak fluent English and vowed to crush the Filipino superstar once he returns to the ring after what he says is a “vacation” from boxing.

“It’s a really cheap low blow, but again, consider where it came from,” said Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer, as quoted by the Associated Press. “We tried to fight him. He said no. He doesn’t want to fight.”

When asked about the possibility of a Mayweather bout Friday, Pacquiao responded: “I’m not looking for that fight. I’m satisfied with what I’ve done in boxing already.”

Pacquiao, who said that he has not seen the video, also said he’s only planning a couple of more fights before retiring, though he gave no indication of who the opponents might be. The seven-division champion said earlier this week that he would still face Mayweather if he accepted the fight. (With reports from AP)

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