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Mayweather broke his silence, but still hiding behind blood testing issue

source: Felix Strunk | boxing.fighthype.com

For nearly an entire month, Floyd Mayweather was silent. No interviews, no sightings, not even a single tweet.

Shortly after he was charged with eight crimes, four felonies and four misdemeanors stemming from an alleged domestic violence incident involving the mother of three of his children, the normally boastful undefeated boxer had little to say regarding the future of his boxing career. That was until last weekend, when Mayweather decided to break his silence on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

Speaking to DJ Whoo Kid on the Shade 45 radio program, Mayweather, accompanied by his fiance, spoke candidly about his legal problems, his future wedding, and most importantly, whether or not we’ll ever see him step into the ring with Manny Pacquiao.

The majority of the 25-minute interview centered around Mayweather telling his side of the story regarding the alleged domestic violence incident. While that’s good to know, his story will only be relevant when he gets his day in court.

The only thing boxing fans care about is if and when Mayweather will ever have the courage to make the biggest fight in boxing a reality. Instead of wasting your time listening to Mayweather’s self-serving recollection of the events that have led to his latest issues, I’ll cut right to the chase and give you exactly what he said about a fight with Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: A lot of people must realize this, a lot of people wanted to see me and Antonio Margarito fight at one particular time and they said I was duckin’ and dodgin’ Antonio Margarito. Now this is the same guy that was cheating and I told the world that there was something funny going on with Antonio Margarito. Come to find out that this guy was cheating and beating opponents with casts in his gloves. And then I told all the fans before that Shane Mosley was on enhancement drugs and on steroids and they said no that’s not true. Come to find out he was on steroids and enhancement drugs. Then and telling the people right now that Pacquiao is…I’m not saying Pacquiao is on nothing, I never said Pacquiao was on something. The only thing I’m saying is this, if I’m cheating or he’s cheating, then we’re cheating the fans, so let’s show the fans that the sport of boxing is clean. Let us both take the tests. I’m not duckin’ or dodgin’ nobody, but once again, every time I beat an opponent, they’re gonna either say he was too small, too slow or too old. Like I said before, Antonio Margarito was cheating, so him and Pacquiao… I can’t see how you even give a guy like Antonio Margarito a license. He was beating opponents with casts. One shot in this sport can end your whole career.

All I gotta say is this, you can’t stop God’s work. God makes everything happen for a reason. Floyd Mayweather is 41-0 and the king of the sport because that’s what God wants. Don’t be mad. God has blessed me with a talent. They trippin’ about the situation that went on in Vegas; all of this is about a iPhone. All of this is about a iPhone. Are you serious? All about a iPhone, are you serious?

So after a very lengthy interview, we’ve learned that, as far as Mayweather is concerned, not much has changed regarding a potential showdown with Manny Pacquiao, who did in fact verbally agree to at least a 14-day cutoff for random blood testing. Just one week prior to Mayweather’s interview, boxing scribe Michael Marley revealed that Pacquiao himself informed him that he agreed to all of Mayweather’s demands, which would mean random blood testing leading all the way up until the bout with no cutoff date whatsoever. Whether or not that’s what Pacquiao meant when he spoke to Marley remains to be seen, however, according to Mayweather, the issue of blood testing is still a major hurdle that will have to be jumped before there’s any hope of both fighters facing each other some time next year.

by Felix Strunk | boxing.fighthype.com


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