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Marquez overcomes an early knockdown to TKO Katsidis

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At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, WBA/WBO lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez (52-5-1, 38KOs) stopped Michael Katsidis (27-3, 22KOs) in the ninth round to retain his titles.

Marquez the warrior that he is pulls up another win from behind after getting knockdown in the 3rd round. Are we looking at a possible trilogy with Manny Pacquiao?

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Marquez vs. Katsidis ROUND-BY-ROUND:
by Lance Pugmire | latimesblogs.latimes.com

ROUND 1: Marquez starts with jabs to the body. He lands a good right to Katsidis’ face. Another. Marquez is blocking Katsidis’ jab. Katsidis sneaks one in. Good right by Marquez. He works for openings. Good overhand right by Marquez. Marquez wins round.

ROUND 2: Marquez jabs to the head. Katsidis going inside, but he gets hit. Marquez hitting low. Marquez right to body, left to head. Good combo to head by Marquez. Katsidis tough to inside, but sustains three hard combinations in final 30 seconds. Marquez wins round.

ROUND 3: Marquez hard jab to the face. Katsidis slower to charge in. Katsidis knocks Marquez down with left hook from nowhere. Eight count. Great left by Katsidis as action resumes. Marquez on ropes, slides to left. Nice left by Marquez. Marquez back to the body. Marquez lands a good left to the face. He can take a knockdown. Five hard punches by Marquez, but Katsidis wins round.

ROUND 4: Marquez ccombination opens the round. Left uppercut by Marquez. Good right by Katsidis and counter by Marquez. Good right-left combo by Katsidis. Marquez’s lefts are wicked, followed with an uppercut and jab. Katsidis works the body. Marquez good left. Katsidis goes inside again, Marquez backs up and lands. Marquez wins round.

ROUND 5: Katsidis lands a right to the body. Marquez takes some shots, only to unleash harder blows. Good uppercuts by Marquez, he’s more polished. Katsidis again to the body. Refereee Kenny Bayless breaks them up. Katsidis working Marquez on the ropes. Marquez gets off the ropes and gets best of thrilling exchange in center of ring. Marquez wins round.

ROUND 6: The inside battle continues. Katsidis gets the better of early exchanges. Marquez right to body. Katsidis good left to face. Hard right by Katsidis to the head. Marquez strong in reply. Jabbing away. Marquez strong in final seconds. Close round.

ROUND 7: Katsidis charges, lands left to face. Great inside fighting. Both guys giving and taking. Marquez takes a left-right. Is he tiring? Marquez works the body. Straight right by Marquez to face. Big right by Marquez. Both guys attacking body. Marquez gets best (again) of late exchange. Marquez wins round.

ROUND 8: Marquez lands two left uppercuts. Action slows a bit. Katsidis gets busy inside. Busier. Katsidis' right eye is swelling, but his surge is tiring Marquez, Nice late exchange by Marquez but he was outworked in round.

ROUND 9: Katsidis delivers hard to the body. Ten straight punches by Marquez. Katsidis backing up. Two big right uppercuts by Marquez highlights a big barrage. Left uppercut. Hard right backs up Katsidis and ref Bayless stops the fight.

Juan Manuel Marquez wins by ninth-round TKO. (ref stoppage)

Marquez Knockdown

Marquez won against Katsidis

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