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source: Abac Cordero | philstar.com

Shane Mosley is just saying what the others have said before. He said he can knock out Manny Pacquiao.

“It’s been proven. My knockout record has proven it,” the pride of Pomona in California, with 46 wins, six losses and 39 knockouts, told Fanhouse.com in a recent interview.

Mosley, the former lightweight, welterweight and super-welterweight champion of the world, thinks he can succeed where Pacquiao’s last 13 opponents have failed.

Pacquiao’s last loss came in 2005 in a bloody 12-round decision against Erik Morales.

“I can knock him out,” Mosley told Fanshouse.com.

But the odds for the May 7 fight say that probably the only way Mosley would come out the MGM Grand as the winner is if he carries a loaded pistol into the ring.

Oddsmakers have picked Pacquiao as the -750 favorite, meaning you need to put in $750 just to win a hundred; Mosley is at +525, meaning your $100 wager gives you $525 in return.

It’s been almost the same way in Pacquiao’s previous fights against Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto, Joshua Clottey and Antonio Margarito. The last time Pacquiao came in as the underdog was against Oscar dela Hoya in 2008.

But the oddsmakers were terribly wrong as Pacquiao turned the “Dream Match” into a great mismatch.

Still, Mosley said there are ways to beat Pacquiao, and even knock him out.

“Manny Pacquiao is fast and he throws punches from different angles that I haven’t really seen yet,” he said.

Mosley, who knocked out Margarito when Pacquiao couldn’t, said he’d sparred with fighters as quick, as busy as Pacquiao, someone who throws more than a thousand punches, and has learned how to move and throw at the same time.

“With all the different fights and sparring partners I’ve had in my lifetime in boxing, I think I can adapt,” he said.

“They say he’s strong. So, definitely I have to be able to adjust to that right away, adjust to the punches. If i dont then it can be very hard for me. But I believe I can.”

He better believe that. Otherwise, there’s no point fighting.



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