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powcastOscar Dela Hoya lost his wallet Saga

by: Pow Salud

The Golden Boy Oscar Dela Hoya lost his wallet. 

For the Golden Boy there are somethings that money cant buy. One of them is his wallet and some important documents in it.

A food stamp? hmmp... why would that be important? if he can already buy all the food he wants,  for sure it has some sentimental value to it or maybe it is his lucky charm? We don't really know, Also inside the wallet is his black American Express and Visa. (useless for sure because its already reported lost). and some secret important documents....

Recently Oscar Dela Hoya is offering a  whopping sum of a 1.5 million just to get it back, that is so crazy!

My guess is that the important document inside the wallet is not for everyone's eyes, it maybe a secret or maybe another picture of him wearing a net stocking. hahaha! Why would a pay a large amount of money to bring back his wallet where he can buy a new one.

O well, if your the Golden boy then you can afford anything. So for those who are looking for it or  if you can find it, just hold it for awhile till his next post on twitter I am betting that  he will up the ante and maybe you can get 2 million. hahahaha!
Good luck Oscar Dela Hoya...

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