Azkals celebrate with their crazy and real fans Video

Not being an avid soccer fan, I must admit that I don't really see much of our National Football Team, when the Azkals fever hit the Philippines, I was one of the many people who lined up  outside the stadium to see just how good they are and to find out if they are worth it of the hyped. It was exciting and I was able to watch more than a couple of games. Time goes by and the Azkals was hit with controversies and although they are still wining some games they tend to lose the critical ones, they continued to play the game locally and internationally the avid fans stayed, while most of the casual fan disappeared. Now that the Azkals won the Peace cup championship, the Azkals thank their real fans by celebrating with them. Azkals celebrate with their crazy and real fans, Azkals fever is knocking back.  

Will the Azkals fever be back?