Denver Nuggets Harlem Shake, NBA Harlem shake!

Okay so far I saw three NBA teams with their own Harlem Shake video. What is the craze about this Harlem Shake video? I am sure all of us saw the Harlem shake video of the Miami Heat, that one is an instant hit, more than 25 million fans saw that video. We also have the Raptors doing their own edition of the Harlem Shakeand now the Denver Nuggets is joining the Craze. The Harlem Shake could be sweeping the whole league who knows tomorrow we would see almost every team with their own version of the Harlem shake. Check out the Harlem Shake videos below.

The Denver Nuggets Harlem shake Video

Toronto Raptors Harlem Shake video

The Miami Heat Harlem Shake, the best so far!

Which NBA team are you looking forward to see their own version of Harlem Shake?

I would like to see the Lakers, Thunder, Indiana, Clippers, Celtics, Knicks... how about you?

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