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Scary KO, women's MMA video

If looks could kill, this lady's look would not.. think again?! This is Jinh Yu Frey a professional MMA fighter and  if you think only men with big muscles can deliver a brutal knock out then you have not watch real women's MMA. The trending in today's MMA are beauty and power, look at Rhonda Rousey. Let's not go that route and show you how powerful Jinh Yu Frey is. Here is Jinh Yu Frey vs Darla Harris brutal knockout video.

 Jinh Yu Frey vs Darla Harris brutal knockout video.

It was the kick that started it all, followed by a couple of solid left hand, and there you go Darla Harris is asleep and will not be waking up for long. That girl need to be check. 

What do you think of this KO, is this KO of the year for women's MMA?