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2015 NBA FINALS UPDATE: Kyrie Irving Ready to go !

As per Kyrie Irving : I AM READY TO GO! 

Kyrie Irving addressed the media after practice on two separate occasions. May 29 and june 1, 2015 . I have attached the link to those interviews if you want to view them.

                                                                   May 29, 2015

Highlights about this interview: Irving said that he is ready to go. 

Irving was asked about guarding Steph Curry, he said that it would be a total team effort.

                                                                      June 1, 2015

Highlights about this interview:  Irving was asked about possibly going out there rather than taking more days off

"These days are very important for me, specially going to the finals, I want to get to my old self as much as I could" - Irving 

There's also an update from nba.com about Irving's Injury report you can also watch it here http://www.nba.com/2015/news/features/steve_aschburner/06/03/kyrie-irving-to-will-himself-to-play-in-finals-for-cavaliers/index.html

This will be great match: Kyrie vs Steph, Lets just hope that they will be close to 100% going through the finals. 

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