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Aldo still plans to face Mcgregor on UFC 189

Aldo has a bone bruise to his rib and a cartilage injury following a training accident this week, according to a UFC statement. The UFC said it has received confirmation from "several doctors" that Aldo did not suffer a broken rib. Despite this he still plans on healing up fast and fighting Connor Mcgregor this UFC 189. UFC however, has other plans on there own. If at worst case Aldo cant fight Chad Mendes (17-2) is ready to take his place. 

Mendes just got a big "W" from his previous fight against Ricardo Lamas last April 4 and is the current number 1 contender on the featherweight division.

Only time will tell if Aldo can recover fast enough for the most anticipated UFC 189 on Saturday June 11 .

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