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Lamarcus Aldridge ! Where to ? Possible Destinations and why?

For those who doesnt know yet. 

Aldridge's house is up for sale. 


One month before free agency begins...and LaMarcus Aldridge's Portland home is for sale. Take it for what it's worth. #Blazers 

so it might be inevitable, here are some situations where he might end up . 


Well yes they have a way to sign Aldridge and this would mean that Duncan can actually have his last run next season and Aldridge would be happy playing along with Leonard, Together they can be the core of this team moving forward. Shout out to Grantland for this one. #Jalen Rose 


Yes this would mean that he would be a second fiddle to harden . I don't really factor as being the man if you can win the championship . Aldridge to Houston - the league would go like "Houston we have a problem"


Dirk has already made it open that he would take a pay cut for them to have another run.
Aldridge was born and raised in Texas, so this should be a no brainer. 

Dark horse for West

Aldrige played University of Texas in Austin. He will be 30 though and he certainly want to win now. 

As for the teams in the East lets throw out a couple of team's that could work for Aldridge.

The best team for him in the easy would be the Bucks.

Yes he is going to be the man there... and he would have a roster like the one they have @ portland right now. it maybe a stretch but its worth a shot. 

Carter Williams - Lillard
Mayo/Middleton - Matthews (he might be gone though)
Parker  - Batum

plus they have the 17th pick 


West Scola 

and 11th pick.

Outside looking in a dark hourse would be Wizards. 

I know that blazer fans would like to keep Aldridge but i don't see any positive signs that he would stay.

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