Top 5 Greatest Shooting Guards of All-Time

Shooting Guard, also known as the "two" or "off guard", one of the most exciting positions of the game. Their goal is to score points for their team, and must score in various ways and be reliable in crunch time or crucial plays. Most of Shooting Guards are combo guards, guards that can bring up the ball, and can be swingman. In short, there are scorers:

Check this list of players that excelled in this position:

5. Clyde Drexler

          Clyde Drexler was one of the most athletic shooting guards in the NBA. He was a great team player, with his great game on both ends, scoring and assisting in offense and intercepting passes on the defense. He amazed audiences with his tremendous all around play that led him to win a championship in 1995.

NBA Career Statistics:
  • Points - 22,195 (20.4 ppg)
  • Rebounds - 6,677 (6.1 rpg)
  • Assists -  6,125 (5.6 apg)

4. Jerry West

          West is a great combo-guard, assisting like a point guard and scoring like a shooting guard. He was given the nickname "Mr. Clutch" because of his clutch game winners. He had proven that he was great when he recorded a quadruple-double, scoring 44 points, dishing 12 assists, grabbing 12 rebounds and 10 blocks. In his career, he won a championship and a Finals MVP. West is ; "The Logo", in reference to his silhouette being incorporated into the NBA Logo. 

NBA Career Statistics:
  • Points - 25,192 (27.0 ppg)
  • Rebounds - 5,366 (5.8 rpg)
  • Assists - 6,238 (6.7 apg)

3. Dwyane Wade

          Dwyane Wade made his name very popular in the NBA, and quickly emerged as a productive player and developed into one of the most prominent players in the NBA. He was known for his euro step, splitting defense, windmill crossover, bank shot, post moves, on offense and his ability to intercept passes and chasing down blocks on players taller than him, to prove that he's a great finisher and defender with his 6 ft 4. In his career, he won three championships (2006, 2012, 2013) and won one NBA 2006 Finals MVP and helped out James winning their last championships.
          Wade signed for the Chicago Bulls this 2016-2017 season.

2. Kobe Bryant

          Kobe really did a great job in his entire 20 seasons playing in the NBA, that made him compared to Michael Jordan. He had proven his self in the NBA, becoming one of the most elite scorers and tenacious defender in the NBA, giving the Lakers five NBA championships (2000, 2001, 20002, 2009, 2010) where he won the Finals MVP from his two last championships and NBA MVP in 2008.

NBA Career Statistics:

  • Points - 33,643 (25.0 ppg)
  • Rebounds - 7,047 (5.2 rpg)
  • Assists - 6,306 (4.7 apg)

1. Michael Jordan

         Michael Jordan excelled in everything about the game. His great performance that dominated in both defensive and offensive end are enough reasons for him to be the greatest shooting guard and be called GOAT. He have done everything he can do and everything possible, because of this he is known around the world to be the greatest basketball player, he had proven this with his awards, titles, and stats.

             In his entire career, he won 6 NBA championships (1991-1993, 1996-1998), 6 NBA Finals MVP and 5 NBA MVP.
NBA Career Statistics:
  • Points - 32,292 (30.1 ppg)
  • Rebounds - 6,672 (6.2 rpg)
  • Assists - 5,633 (5.3 apg)


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