'Nobody Will Ever Beat The 73 Win Record' | Curry On KD Playing Back in OKC

Starting off with Steve Kerr making a prediction - No team will ever get 74 wins in a season 
01:13 - Steph Curry touches on KD playing back in OKC for the first time since he left...
04:03 - Kevin Durant on his "fights" with Draymond and Playing in Oklahoma
06:10 - Draymond touching on the same exact topics

Steve Kerr - the man that was apart of the 95-96 Bulls that won 72 games in a regular season and the man that coached the 15-16 Warriors, the team that broke that exact record. Kerr had said a few years back that nobody could ever win 73...well he did it.

Now he says nobody could ever win 74...2025-2026 A team owned by Steve Kerr wins 74? This is how it goes right?

Continuing with Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green essentially talking about the same topics - the in game fights between Kevin and Draymond plus Durant's return to Oklahoma City.

youtube video by: NBA Skyline

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