Pacquiao-Khan Fight Knocked Out, No Deal! His Real Next Fight

Pacquiao-Khan Fight Knocked Out, No Deal! His Real Next Fight

Manila, March 8,  What a great way to start the morning!

Boxing fanatics all over the world will not be happy about this news.  Manny Pacquiao and his team is back on the drawing board as the planned and supposed agreed fight with Amir Khan has fallen out.  Bob Arum the Promoter and Michael Koncz long time advisor of Pacquiao recently visited the expected destination of what could have been the biggest fight in UAE to complete the negotiation with the purported investor that was going to spend around 38 million USD to make the fight happen but apparently was not fully sold on the idea of spending that amount of money for Manny.

Now boxing world is left with a big question, who will be the next fight of Manny Pacquiao, will he ever fight again?

The good news however, is that Koncz  is going to meet Pacquiao when he arrives in the Philippines and with him is another proposal for a fight. Unfortunately, however, it won't be what the people want to see, it will not be Amir Khan as confirmed by Bob Arum.

According to news, Pacquiao could now fight in June or July to ensure it does not interfer with his senate job.

What is your reaction on this news? Who do you think he should fight next?