7 Reasons Why CJ De Tomas will be the Manny Pacquiao of MMA

URCC founder Alvin Aguilar, the long-time promoter of CJ De Tomas once said: Our goal is to develop and look for the next Manny Pacquiao and I have a gut feeling that we could be staring at him right now.

There are a lot of ways to be popular. CJ De Tomas has done it perfectly the right way.  CJ is famous to Pinoy MMA fans and now that he has officially signed with the UFC, you can expect more following.

It's true that there are other Pinoys that has made a name in the MMA. The likes of Brandon Vera, Mark Munoz and most recently, Jenel Lausa who is another prospect to watch out for.

I do, however, strongly feel that CJ De Tomas might be the guy to carry the banner of the Philippines to MMA stardom.

A local boy from Quezon City, the story of CJ De Tomas would have not started without his father who came all the way from Zamboanga Del Sur in search for an opportunity and found himself fighting on the MMA ring. CJ's father, Charles De Tomas, was a fighter himself, the instigator and was the first coach of CJ.

CJ De Tomas who started competing at a very young age had already amassed a number of winnings collecting gold trophies and medals after another earning him the nickname, Golden Boy.

Only at 20 years old, CJ DeTomas is battle tested with a lot of amateur fights under his wing and 8 professional fights under URCC promotion. Currently undefeated, he will bring his unblemished record to the UFC and continue his journey as an MMA fighter.

Before he starts his quest in the UFC, let's talk about why we see a lot of likeness between Manny Pacquiao and CJ De Tomas.

7 Reasons why we think CJ De Tomas would be the next Manny Pacquiao of MMA

Event Announcer Pow Salud and Referee CJ De Tomas at Centennial MMA Event

Rags to hopefully, Riches - Although nicknamed Golden boy, he does not have the golden spoon to start with. He had to work multiple jobs and had to support himself through his journey.  I remember vividly on one of my conversations with CJ, he said that a lot of fighters would have given up on fighting because of lack of support and fighting locally isn't exactly that lucrative yet. Fighters who are single could not even support themselves let alone if you have a family.

CJ De Tomas after winning a fight at URCC event

Humility - While other fighters would brag and show off, CJ De Tomas has stayed quiet and humble. I am a firsthand witness to how down to earn this guy is. Regardless who he is fighting, he has maintained professionalism and respect to his opponent. A true attitude of a real champion.

CJ De Tomas Knocking out an opponent at MFC Fight Night

A skilled fighter -  A coach himself,  he has proven that he has the skill to defeat fighters standing up and on the ground. His arsenal is continuously evolving and his dedication and focus are second to none. Currently at 8 wins with 0 loss professionally, his skills is ready for the big league.

CJ De Tomas with his opponent and team at URCC Event

Great teammate/coach - A supporter of the sport and his teammates, CJ De Tomas is often seen coaching in his gym, cornering his teammates and fighters and refereeing local MMA events. These gives him an overall and different perspective of the fight game.

Bloodied CJ De Tomas continue to fight under difficult circumstances

Room for improvement - CJ DeTomas isn't done at 20 years old.  His body is young and muscles still developing, he has not reached his peak yet. With his drive and persistence to learn more and his focus to improve himself, I do not think we have seen the best of CJ De Tomas yet.

The Champion walking out 

Charisma - Just a smile from CJ after winning a fight is what all it takes. He is the kind of guy who does not necessarily have to promote himself and is never arrogant. He is a man that lets his fighting do the talking. We hope that CJ will stay that way.

CJ De Tomas pregnant wife watches his hard fought battle inside the cage

Support system - Local fans, friends and family. CJ De Tomas has already created a following in the local MMA scene and these people like ourselves would continue to support him. It is not always peaches and cream, there would be highs and lows. A dedicated support system plays a big role into helping a fighter get through the hard times. I want to especially mention his wife Rina who has been on the sideline most of his fights, his number one fan.  

Our interview with CJ De Tomas when he won his URCC Flyweight Champion against Hideo Morikawa. Truly a  humble guy.

Carls John "The Golden Boy" De Tomas first fight in the UFC will be at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 17.

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