Breaking: John Wall Doesnt' Want to be Traded, Signed a Max Deal with the Wizards

Breaking John Wall Do not Want to be Traded, Signed a Max Deal with the Wizards

In case you missed it, John Wall is staying with the only team he ever played with in the NBA, at least for now.

No request for trade for this young man.

It maybe hard to find loyalty in the NBA nowadays so we want to introduce you to one player that will probably and hopefully stay that way until 2023. The 2010 1st pick overall just signed a hefty contract with the Washington Wizards. He will extend to 4 years from the current two years contract which means he is tied in with the Wizards until 2023 which is a long time.

With all of the things happening in the NBA, the Wizards may have realized that the best way to prevent their stars from leaving is to sign them right away and for a long time.

John Wall has spent seven years playing for the Wizards and last year, he had his best career production with 23 points, 10 assists and 2 steals per game. With the Cleveland Cavaliers bound for break up, John Wall and Bradley Beal may have an opportunity in the east.

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