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Extreme Sport of the Week: All-Mountain Biking

All-mountain biking involves more variety in terrain, and extremely challenging obstacles. It is actually just riding through a mountain’s natural terrain. For most Filipinos, biking in the city trails is enough. It’s already too dangerous to bike somewhere that’s full of rolling hills and rocks. The unpredictability of bike trails is enough thrill for some cyclists. How much more unpredictable and dangerous can biking in an actual mountain be?

Downhill biking, a big part of AM Biking, Courtesy of Bikelist.org

Turns out, it is called an extreme sport. Mountaineering is already enough for most people. Hiking a mountain seems dangerous enough. But biking through a mountain itself, that’s something else. It takes extreme dexterity, carefulness, and rock-hard balls to do it.

If you’re not into it, have an open mind. But if you are interested, read on. If you live in the Metro (which most of you do), it’s not impossible to do all-mountain biking. You just have to go out of your way to do it. However, the all-mountain biking trails in the Philippines are very rare. Unlike the ones in the US, most  AM trails in the Philippines are just tamed-down versions. You can find those kinds of AM trails at Rizal and some parts of Quezon City. It’s enough challenge for most, though.

AM Biking - Dangerous and Deadly

Yes, all-mountain biking is dangerous. There is a chance for you to die from it. But so in most situations, if you think about it.  With all-mountain biking, you only have to take extreme caution and have extreme fun.