Pacquaio and GAB React to WBO rescoring of Pacquiao-Horn


After Manny Pacquiao's controversial defeat against Aussie Jeff Horn at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Game and Amusement Board (GAB) and Manny Pacquiao protested to World Boxing Organization to review the fight. The WBO conducted an independent review of the fight but still come out with the same result and confirms that Jeff Horn is the winner of Battle of Brisbane and WBO Welterweight world title after three of the five judges have ruled in favor of Jeff Horn.

"Let the people judge for themselves. People saw what happened" Pacquiao said “We have seen worse judgments in the past where judges manipulated results. Nothing surprises me now. "

The Game and Amusement Board (GAB) is grateful to WBO because they conducted immediate action regarding on their protest. 

“We are grateful that the WBO acted promptly on our request, but no matter what review they do, it will be hard to change the result as the referee didn’t call it close. The judges’ scores would have greatly changed if the referee did his job properly,” Mitra said (GAB, Chairman)

Chairman Mitra said that he is not expecting the reversal of decision and but he was hoping for WBO “ to identify possible errors on the part of the referees or judges who officiated the fight.”

“He (referee) didn’t give Sen. Manny Pacquiao the respect and fair protection that is due to a people’s champ.” added Mitra.