San Antonio Spurs Added an Offensive Player in Gay, But There is a Problem

On paper, this move looks really good as the Spurs who had been a contender in the West for a decade has acquired a good offensive player who is badly needed by their team this upcoming season.  

With the impending departure of Manu Ginobili who is turning 40 this July and aged Tony Parker, the Spurs needs some offensive powers that were usually on the shoulder of the mentioned two players. Spurs could not alone rely on Kawhi Leonard and Paul Gasol, who by the way, have not officially signed a contract yet.

Rudy Gay chose to sign a smaller deal with the Spurs than staying in Sac Town. He would be a good backup small forward off the bench and can also play the two position if needed. Gay is getting a 2 year $17 million deal and that's a good deal, however, the 30 year old who has averaged 18 points in his career is an injury prone player and is coming off an Achilles injury.

Signing Rudy Gay could have a huge payoff if he could be healthy and play all season long.

Do you think it's a good move to acquire Gay?

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