Be Amazed and Watch These 5 NBA Legends Who Can Still Dunk

NBA Legends that are still dunking even at an old age

At 50, I'd be lucky if I can still touch a basketball board. But for these NBA legends, dunking and jumping high has never left them. Check out these NBA legends as they defy their declining years and display how athletic they still are at they are at their age.

At #5 Spud Webb - the smallest man in this video shows us that he can dunk, although it looks like he stepped on something but who are we to know.

At #4 Dominique Wilkins - was showing his dunking prowess in an exhibition game in the Philippines

At #3 Julius Erving - showed his patented dunk

At #2 & foot Shaq O'Neal - in a display of power in those legs and arms as he lifts himself up and pull down the ring after dunking

And at #1 Michael Jordan - shows that he still got some air by effortlessly showing us that he can still dunk.

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