Coach Mark Solano of Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas Supports Baseline 3x3 Boot Camp

(BASELINE) Triple Threat Manila is organized by Varxity Org who envisions the development of a world – class Filipino athletes. Headed by Kriza Cawan, who wants to provide not just games but also to educate young Filipino’s around the nation the importance of building a holistic program for our future athletes. In this event, BASELINE they will teach you not the skills and the rules of playing the 3×3 basketball, but they will help you understand and realized the importance of PREPARATION.

Join us for the TRIPLE THREAT MANILA'S BASELINE, a three Saturday nights 3x3 Basketball Boot Camp starting September 2!

25 teams. 100 players. 3 nights of 3x3 Boot Camp. 3 nights of exciting FIBA-endorsed Tune-up games!

Grab some friends, put together a team or join as an individual to learn a new sport or enhance your skills to be a well-rounded 3x3 player on and off the court!

Baseline, A 3x3 Basketball Boot Camp by Triple Threat Manila

Coach Mark Solano of Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas explains how important preparation is in playing 3x3 Basketball.

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