Gordon Hayward's Tribute to Manu Ginobili, He is a Huge Fan

Gordon Hayward  wears the same number as Manu Ginobili: #20

The question on why the 27 year old Gordon Hayward wears jersey number 20 is because he idolizes the Argentinian superstar Manu Ginobili. 

At 40, Manu Ginobili has done a lot of great things in basketball and while his career is over he has given us a lot of good memories and Gordon Hayward?

Yes, Gordon Hayward, the now 27 year old Hayward is a big fan of Manu and has tried his best to emulate his game.  Gordon, who will be playing for the Boston Celtics next season will have a lot in front of him as the Celtics are now expected to challenge the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Gordon Hayward has worn the number 20 jersey all his career in Utah Jazz and he will wear the same number in Boston Celtics.

The number Boston Celtics #20 jersey was originally worn by Ray Allen.