Kyrie Irving is Ready to Commit Long Term with the Spurs, Celtics Also in the Picture

Kyrie Irving will stay with San Antonio Spurs for long term

If Kyrie gets traded to the Spurs, I can almost guarantee that he would stay there for a long time. Spurs is great in creating long term plans to players and sticking to them for a long time, especially if you got something to offer.

Tony Parker era to Kyrie Era Possible

Kyrie Irving at 25 is still a young player and he can still be better. Under Coach Popovich he might prosper not only as a player but as a person.  Spurs has sustained dominance in the NBA for a long time and Kyrie sees this opportunity.  The problem with the Spurs is they do not have a lot to offer.

Trading with Eastern Conference Rival Celtics

You defeated us, now join us! This could be an awkward situation if Kyrie gets traded to Boston and they see each other in the eastern conference finals again.  The Boston Celtics is an intriguing prospect for the Cavs management as they have a lot of pieces to offer especially since Celtics may be keen on trading the 3rd overall pick and rookie Jayson Tatum. Kyrie Irving may be too good of a player to pass on but Celtics is gambling on their future as Kyrie may not commit long term with any other teams aside from the Spurs.

The trade situation has become more complicated and Kyrie Irving and LeBron James are the two culprits.

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