Why Carmelo Anthony will be in a Rockets Uniform For Sure

Carmelo Anthony at 33 with 14 seasons in the NBA has accomplished a lot of things already. He has achieved a lot individually. A  10-time All-Star,  a scoring champion, the list goes on. One thing, however, not in the list is an NBA championship.

Carmelo Anthony has been the center of attention for a while now and has given his current team more than enough attention when he requested to be traded. It was earlier reported that he will only consider a trade for a championship contender but now has his eyes set on just one team alone.

Carmelo Anthony wants to play with Chris Paul and James Harden in Houston and in Houston alone. That would be the only way he would waive that ever powerful No-Trade clause in his contract.

The Knicks management has been trying to work out a better deal and when they found out that Irving was in the market. They tried to pursue it but Melo suddenly had his mind set. Knicks is in a predicament of potentially being forced to accept Ryan Anderson from Houston as the center piece of the trade but isn't really rushing into anything yet.

Until then, the Melo Drama continues and could drag on to training camp and after. There is a big possibility that Carmelo may still be wearing the Knicks jersey at the start of the season because two sides are not willing to give up the advantage. If this happens, it will be the most awkward situation ever. This is why Melo will be a Rocket soon.

Do you think Carmelo will be traded before the season begins?

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