Woj: Knicks, Rockets re-engage on Melo Looking for a Third Wheel

Carmelo Anthony Saga Continues: Knicks and Rockets Negotiate Again

Harden, Paul and Melo playing

I am telling you this deal would happen. Knicks doesn't want a player who doesn't want to play for them so the only logical way to solve the issue is to waive or to trade the player. In the case however of Melo, the best option is for a trade so you get something in return.

This story has been running the web for awhile now and so far has not gone anywhere. The Knicks could not find the right formula to deal with the only team that Melo wanted to be traded at and unfortunately, the Rockets don't have a lot to give in return for the all-star forward.

Melo is steadfast in his decision of only waiving his no-trade clause for the Rockets and is not entertaining any other teams. The Knicks and Rockets are scrambling for a third team to make things work. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of, the two teams are at it again and have re-engaged on trade talks involving Carmelo Anthony.

As the start of the season inches closer, it would be harder and harder for the people involved to make a deal and one of them has to give in or we would see a very awkward situation in New York.

Rockets are willing to give away Ryan Anderson but his hefty contract of 60 million is very unattractive to anyone.

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