2-Time MVP Steve Nash's Top 13 Plays with the Suns are Unbelievable

Steve Nash was unbelievable, no other one like him in the NBA today. 

Looking back: No one can dip the fries in a hot sauce like Steve Nash. The charm, the skill and the personality that is what the two-time former MVP brought to the association during his illustrious 19 years in the NBA.

Steve Nash was born in Johannesburg in South Africa but was probably raised in Canada as he has been regarded as one of the first truly great Canadian basketball player. Now at 43, Steve is part of the Golden State Warriors development team and he may have helped Stephen Curry in one way or another.

Steve Nash has amassed a number of accomplishments in the NBA from NBA all-start to MVP to being honored with the Suns Ring of Honor that as of today has been given to only 16 people in total. Nash was a tremendous athlete although he failed to capture a championship ring he is still one of the greatest that ever played the game.

Let's look back at some of the fanciest Steve Nash moves while he was playing with the Suns.

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