Deep Bench Armada: Dallas Mavericks Second Unit Explosion

How about the performance of Maverick’s Players off the bench? Pretty rough for their foe to keep them under control.

Dwight Powell #7

Dallas Mavericks hunted down the Atlanta Hawks 108-94 for their 4th preseason win. This victory was huge especially for the Dallas bench players as they even outshone their starters point production. A good sign for the team will have even more firepower to rely on with every match.

Maximillian Kleber, PJ Dozier, Maalik Wayns, and Gian Clavell scored finished with double digits (16,16,10,19 points respectively) and let Dallas take control of the game. This surprising bench production outscored their starters production with only 44 in total.

On the other end of the court, there was no player to tie up with the Maverick’s performance except Kent Bazemore scoring 20 points which pretty much efforts just ended up in vain.

Mavericks bolstered their offense beyond the arc, turning the game into a shootout with dominance on their side, hitting 19 triples which dusted away Hawks with only 9 from the rainbow country.

If there were something that allowed Hawks to catch up with Dallas, it would be free throw shooting. Mavericks fouled too much, 29 fouls in total whilst Hawks giving only 12. Atlanta made 23 out of 32 free throws. 23 points scored without the clock winding down may have a huge impact if the game could’ve gotten closer.


Mavericks 108 –  Powell 11, Ferrell 11, Smith Jr. 9, Ashley 7, Noel  6, Bench - 64

Hawks 94 – Bazemore 20, Prince 11, Schroder 9, Ilyasova 7, Dedmon 7, Bench - 40 

Dallas Mavericks vs Atlanta Hawks - Full Game Highlights | October 12, 2017 | 2017 NBA Preseason

(video courtesy of YouTube/Ximo Pierto)

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