A Wheeler's Opinion: Will GSW Pull the Trigger on Thompson Trade?

Klay Thompson is a vital piece but his expiring contract can be problematic

Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry. 
Klay Thompson.

This is the duo that earned the name "Splash Brothers" owing to their outrageous capability to shoot and MAKE threes like nothing else mattered. 

Over the last 3 seasons, this dynamic duo has been so lethal beyond the arc that opponents knew they were doomed the moment one of them starts shooting and making threes like they were only shooting a few steps from the basket. 

Both Thompson and Curry have played crucial roles in the three consecutive Finals appearances of the Golden State Warriors in the past 3 seasons- winning two NBA titles in those trips and are looking good for another NBA Finals trip this season. 

However, GSW's front office will be faced with a much bigger problem come the end of the next season regardless if they win the championship or not. 


Here's the thing, folks. Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green have already been signed to max deals which will run through the next 3 seasons.

Now you're probably asking: Where's Klay Thompson? 

Klay Thompson's current contract expires at the end of next season he can now command a max deal- similar to those of his teammates, in the next 18 months. Here's the tricky problem: the Warriors can't afford to offer a max deal to Thompson unless they let go one of their stars. And if they let Thompson walk away, they won't be able to sign a potential big star come free agency of 2019.

The best thing Golden State can do is to trade Klay Thompson- a guy who is averaging 21 points while shooting 47% from three-point distance this season. The question is: which team could benefit if they get Thompson's services via a trade?

One of the probable answers is the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Why? JJ Redick only signed a 1-year deal with the Sixers and Redick plays a position that Thompson plays too. 

Question: How will it happen?

Answer: The possibilities are unlimited but should Thompson chooses to walk away and signs with the Sixers, Philadelphia will have the flexibility on their salary cap to offer the deal that Thompson should desires. It's the Warriors' loss if they let Thompson walk. Trade him to the Sixers can at least, allow them to receive something in return.  


Let go of one of its stars so they could keep Thompson. 

GSW has many options. But the question is: will they pull the trigger on Thompson? 

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