Balls-Eye: Tim Cone on Ginebra for another Grand Slam?

Predictions had come out almost everywhere after Barangay Ginebra won another title against rival Meralco Bolts. Questions like: Is this the Ginebra Dynasty? Who can shut down the Gin kings?

All of these questions may or will fall under one big umbrella question: Will the Brgy. Ginebra San Miguel arise for a grand slam?

Let us talk about the possibilities. And if still impossible, how can they thrive to make this wild dream a reality?

In my own view, winning a Grand Slam would be possible for Barangay Ginebra if and only if they will win a title in the Philippine Cup. 

Currently, they’d won championships with the help of Justin Brownlee. I am not saying that Ginebra solely relies on Brownlee to win matches and leagues but it just seems that they could win this far when they are with their core import who led them to 2 championships against the Bolts.

Adding up even just one strong player on a roster will always spell a huge difference on how the team’s general perspective of play will flow and so as removing one.  Ginebra with Brownlee and Ginebra without Brownlee are two different teams. It changes their plays and changes their primary lineups.

If Brownlee affects the lineups, then the player that will take Brownlee’s place shall suffice the offense needed by the team. It’s Japeth Aguilar and Greg Slaughter who is affected whenever Brownlee is on the court. Now, without Brownlee, one or both of these guys must step up given that they’ll have more time to play. The twin towers shall be the main gun inside without their import.

Will it be enough for a Grand Slam?

Winning a grand slam is a totally different story as compared to winning a championship. If a game requires consistency every minute, a championship requires consistency every game, a grand slam requires consistency the whole season. Now if you would ask for that stepping up of the twin towers being enough? Well, who knows?

It’s not as though it is their first time playing together for the Barangay. They have played many games and cups together and they seem quite effective for the team. Yet, their effectiveness still did not bring them the grand slam. It’s their rival San Mig Coffee Mixers who managed to bag one under Coach Tim Cone.

While Gregzilla was off the league for a long time, this became a great opportunity for Japeth Aguilar for improvement. He became the primary man of Ginebra’s interior. Now that Slaughter is back, it will seem like Ginebra has two Slaughters and a Japeth Aguilar.

Possibilities are getting high for Ginebra to win a Grand Slam. With an improved Aguilar, a recovered Slaughter and a 2 time Grand Slam Coach Tim Cone, all that’s left to do is to win a title without an import and they are all set to their voyage to the ultimate championship.

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