Confirmed: Terrence Romeo Wants Out of Global Port

Terrence Romeo is looking for a new adventure under a new team 

Terrence Romeo Wants Out of Global Port

The 25-year-old point guard who is known for being a scorer and a fan favorite is looking for a new home after an insider confirmed that he has requested to be traded since the commissioner cup this year.

Now that the word is out, Global Port is already looking for offers from different teams and recently, news about a swap between Romeo and Meralco's Baser Amer and Chris Newsome had surfaced.

The young point guard who played for 9 games in the Governor's Cup and averaged close to 19 points per game had a great potential and could still improve. Romeo is already one of the best prolific scorers getting two scoring champion awards and most improved player.

Romeo was drafted 5th overall in 2013 and is now playing his 5th season with the same team that drafted him.

On the Flipside

While Terrence is an exciting prospect he might be hard to manage as he has shown some immaturity in his game and his decision making is still in question. Terrence, however, might really need a change of scenario and a new mentor that can help him be mentally ready as a player.

Where do you want Terrence Romeo to go?

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