Post Fight: Michael Bisping and his Surprising Words for Georges St-Pierre and Future Plans

Michael Bisping Lost to Georges St. Pierre

At 40 years old, Bisping acknowledges that he is not a young man after being choked out to sleep by the new middleweight champion Georges St. Pierre. 

An obviously frustrated Michael Bisping talks to a reporter about the fight and his plans and one of his immediate plans is to drink and get drunk.

He is a strong man and you can see! God Bless him, Good for him!- Michael Bisping

Bisping was doing great and was defending the takedown of GSP until that dreaded left hook in the 3rd that put him down and instigated the ground and pound and the final move that choked him to sleep.  

It is what it is, you have to take it as a man! - Bisping

Michael Bisping is certainly one of the most colorful fighters in the UFC and while he contemplates on his future we certainly like to see him back inside the octagon and kick some ass again. 

Check out the interview below. 

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