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Harden in Vain:Why 51 Point Performance Ends with a Defeat Twice in a Row?

James Harden

It is undeniably sorrowful to lose when you scored exceptionally high in a ball game. But it is very unfortunate when we talk about 51 points by a single man, not just once but twice in a row.

James Harden has done it again and lost once again. One against the Lakers and another against Clippers. What could've been the reason for this?

Well, it is not as shocking when talking about history. Why? Wilt Chamberlain, the man who scored a hundred points also experienced this not just twice but thrice in a row with 50 points above. So technically it isn't as new as it seemed to both of us. Anyway, it is just an additional fact for each and everyone of you out there who loves basketball so let us now go back to our subject matter.

1. Selfish Basketball is Fatal against Team Play

With one man scoring a humongous amount of points. It is perhaps obvious that he who scored such numbers had the ball with him almost all the time.

1.1 How it Affects the Player Himself

Well as for Harden, he'll be the main target for the opponent's defense, as a result he'll tend to miss a lot of shots despite scoring high. In short, inefficiency. Taking a lot of shots equals making a lot of shots, but behind that is also missing a lot of shots.

1.2 How it Affects Team Play

Team play basically is slowly diluted. With one man, especially if it is a point guard getting the offense on the go, then some guys or the other four on the floor are no longer functional. The point guard is responsible for handling the ball and thus executing a play. In typical games, it is the point guard who handles the ball much of the time. What more in a self-played point guard. Imagine how many minutes the ball had been in the same palm.

The whole team would be stagnant and unproductive with one man scoring too much.


Harden stepped up his game too much. There is a need for filling up Capela's absence but Harden seems to forgot Clint Capela (Rocket's center) isn't the only one who needs his feeding of the ball. 



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