The Sports All Kids Should Experience At Least Once

As a responsible parent, it’s normal to want your child to be fit, active and healthy. If your little one shows an interest in any sort of physical activity, it’s up to you to harness their enthusiasm and encourage their participation. You need to find the local club that they can attend to have a go at their chosen sport, and you need to see if their school is offering up any extra curricular opportunities. There are so many sports on offer that it can be hard to work out which ones your little cherub should be exploring. Take a look at these awesome sports that your child should experience at least once.


You don’t have to be a seven-foot giant to enjoy everything that basketball has to offer. A fast-paced and sweaty game, the simple task of trying to find a ball into a net has never been more thrilling. Hustling, dribbling and slam dunking their way into the sport is a great way for your child to meet like-minded people, join a club and get some much needed physical exercise.


The ubiquitous mini leagues that take over the school calendar throughout the summer months are either loved or loathed. If you have an enthusiastic little recruit, your child will adore the Saturday mornings spent with dad, whipping on his Cisco Athletic jersey and trying to hit as many home runs possible. Be careful not to take over and be one of those parents on the sidelines trying to be the coach. You don’t want your child to quit the team because of embarrassment.

Martial Arts

Whether it’s kickboxing, karate or judo, there are a vast array of martial arts that can help your child learn the importance of discipline and self-control as well as learning vitally important self-defense techniques. Your offspring may learn how to disarm a potential bully, understand how to use jabs to deflect and learn how to throw a grown man over his shoulder. With a grading system to earn belts over time, your child may be motivated to stick with it until he or she has reached an expert black belt level.


With the emergence of some of the greatest European soccer stars choosing to end their careers in the USA al a David Beckham, soccer has become a popular sport for those kids who dislike the rough and tumble of football. Once the offside rule has been mastered, there’s no better sport to show off their nifty footwork and ball skills. A great team game, your child will learn the art of compromise and enjoy the spirit of camaraderie.

Sport for youngsters isn’t just about keeping fit, it’s about teaching all-important life skills such as discipline, self-control and leadership. Encourage your child to get stuck in and have a go. You never know, you might end up with the next Michael Jordan or Bruce Lee on your hands.

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