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Five Reasons to Get a Car Checkup In the Spring

We all rely on our cars in the winter more than ever. To stay warm and safe, we take the car on journeys we would normally walk, and use the heater and air conditioning more often. With the coming of the spring, it might be time to give your car a good check-over, so you are ready for the adventures, and can avoid the most common causes of breakdowns and faults that occur when the temperature starts rising.

Winter Puts a Pressure On Your Tires

As the spring arrives, your tires might feel the change of temperatures, as well. Broken caps and rusted screws can be dangerous in the spring, and you should get your tracking checked by a professional. Your tire tread could be close to or below the legal limit, making your vehicle dangerous. If you live in a cold climate, it might be time to change your winter tires to summer ones sometime during the spring, too. 

Batteries Get Exhausted During the Cold Months

Short journeys on dark winter mornings and nights are likely to drain your battery power. If you are planning on longer journeys as the weather turns warmer, you might want to get your battery tested, to make sure you are not breaking down in the middle of the countryside. A new battery should not cost an arm and a leg, but it can save you a lot of trouble. 
Rubber Expands and Shrinks in the Winter

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It is also important to pay attention to rubber parts of your car, other than the tires. The seals on the doors and the trunk could have expanded and shrunk during the winter several times, or simply disconnected. This can cause leaks in your trunk and passenger cabin. Replacing the rubber parts, such as window seals and windshield wipers will only cost you a few dollars, but will protect your interior and improve your visibility. 

Coolants and Fluids

You will also have to check your coolant, oil levels, and windscreen washer liquid levels before the weather turns. Filling up will take a few minutes and can make your journeys smoother. If you have a newer car, the dashboard warning lights will indicate when your fuels are low, but if you don’t have built in diagnostics, you could visit your local service station or Mercedes-Benz Dealers LSH Auto dealership  to make sure everything is working fine.

Looking After Your Paintwork

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Winter can cause a lot of damage to your paintwork, and the arrival of the spring might give you an opportunity to deep clean your car inside, and give it a wash. Manually applied car wax can protect the shine of the car, and get rid of small scratches and imperfections that could develop into corrosion. 

Looking after your car in the spring should not be hard. Start with a spring clean, and look at the paintwork in daylight. Get your tires and rubber parts checked, and book a battery diagnostics service, so you can enjoy carefree road trips for the rest of the year. 



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