Floyd jr going to Jail!

Holy Crap does this means that the Manny Pacquiao fight will will never take place next year. Floyd Jr. will serve 90 days in jail and must pay a fine of 2,500 dollars for pleading guilty on battery and two counts of harassment. starting on January 6 he needs to complete 100 hours community service as Sentenced by Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa.  He pleaded guilty to avoid harsher punishment for all his charges.  If convicted of all of the charges, Mayweather could have faced 34 years in state prison.

This could have a big implication on the impending negotiation or preparation for the the Floyd Mayweather jr and the Pacquiao  fight. Time is always of the essence and with Floyd jr serving jail for 3 months,  doing the fight on either  May or June 2012 is a big question. unless Floyd Jr prefer to train inside his cell. The most anticipated fight of the century is yet again to be delayed and its really frustrating. Do you think it will ever happen?

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