Greg Slaughter toTim Cone: We have got to be defensive

Not in Shape Greg Slaughter on Tim Cone: We have got to be defensive

The most popular basketball league in the Philippines is starting the PBA commissioner's cup with 2 losses and the players, management team and fans are certainly not happy.

In an interview from Inquirer, Greg Slaughter the big man of Ginebra talks about his condition and how he is still recovering from sickness after weeks of absence. He also discussed the triangle offense and how they need to think about defense more than the offense.

Ginebra is one of the tallest teams in the PBA with Japeth Aguilar and Greg Slaughter, however all that height can't translate to a win and we have a feeling that the Ginebra management might make a move anytime soon.   I won't be surprised if they move one of the bigs for a wing scorer.