The Worst NBA Playoffs will Culminate to the Best NBA Finals? Are Super Teams Helping the NBA?

As I am writing this article, the Boston Celtics are playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the game 3 of the 2017 Eastern NBA Finals. I am a huge NBA fan but why am I not watching the game?

The playoffs today have some good teams and match-ups like Utah vs Clippers but aside from that, the game has become very predictable especially if a team is playing against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.

(Switched tab to game score Cleveland 66 - Boston 50 at the half)  There is little to no chance that Boston Celtics will end up getting the W on this game especially if the Cavs is shooting 60% from the field at the half and LeBron isn't even scoring. With Isaiah Thomas, the heart and soul of the 2017 Boston Celtics down for the rest of the playoffs with a hip injury, the Celtics will need a miracle in order to turn the table.

Cleveland and Warriors, the super teams, is building up to be a super rematch in the Finals. But the playoffs has become the most predictable and some are calling it the worst playoffs ever.

There is always a good in bad. 

The domination of Warriors and Cavs may have affected viewership of the playoffs as the game may have lost its unpredictability and excitement especially if you are watching a game with the two teams in it. It is almost a given that they would win and would get the victory in dominating fashion. These teams are just too good that a match up between these two super teams would make the NBA finals one of the biggest rematch ever.

Poised to sweep everyone in the playoffs, the rematch between the Cavs and the Warriors is what everyone has been waiting for. The road is almost cleared and it is just a matter of time before we see these two giants go at it once again on the biggest stage of the NBA. Now, this is where excitement and uncertainty could return as both teams never showed signs of real weakness in the playoffs and this could be the only time that they would be tested.

The road to the NBA finals may look easy for them but the real prize on top won't be a piece of cake as both teams showed tremendously how bad they want to once again prove that they are the best of the best.

Let's fast forward to the finals already, please.

Update: Celtics Stole game 3, Watch Highlights here - >