Video: It's a Miracle! Celtics Steals One from Cleveland Without Isaiah Thomas, Finally a Real Playoffs Game

OMG! Celtics steals game three in front of the Cavaliers fans. 111- 108.

In a series that was almost at loss, the Celtics rose to the occasion and proved that they may have lost their main man in Isaiah Thomas but they never lost their will to win.

After trailing big in the first half and 60 -55, the Celtics continued to fight beating Cleveland in the last two quarters and limiting the home team to only 21 points in each quarters. It was a total reversal as the Celtics rode on a momentum and completed the comeback in dramatic fashion.

Marcus Smart led the Celtics with 27 points but it wasn't all him. The whole Celtics roster contributed in an overall team effort to comeback slowly but surely against a though opponent like the Cavs.

Avery Bradley (20 Points), Al Hartford (16 points ) , Jae Crowford (14 points),  Kelly Olynyk (15 points) and Jonas Jerbko who scored 10 points also joined the scoring party and even making a critical three pointer late in the game and was also one of the heroes. It was a total team work as six Celtics poured in double digit scoring that shocked the Cavs and the fans at the Quicken Loans Arena.

On the other hand, LeBron James had a bad game scoring only 11 points on a 4 out of 13 shooting. Kyrie Irving (29 points ) and Kevin Love (28 points ) carried the scoring load for the Cavs but it wasn't enough to overcome the pesky Celtics.

The end game was a tight one and the Celtics continued to play well and as the late game was a thriller as back and forth actions between the two teams has made this game a real playoffs game that everyone has been clamoring for. Finally a playoffs game that will put you on the edge of your seat.

A miracle has happened.

In my last article, I wrote down that only a miracle could turn the series and the game around and it looked like it came to realization as the basketball gods want us to see great basketball games between the two eastern contenders. 

Scored was tied at 108 in the dying seconds of the game when Avery Bradley threw the last shot from the three point arc that bounced four times before it rattled inside the basket and stunned the home crowd into silence. It was an unbelievable game worthy of becoming a classic.

The Celtics is alive in the series getting 1 win on the road. It is now at 2-1 still in favor of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And while the odds is still in favor of the Cavs, this game has showed us that anything could happen in basketball and that the Cavaliers is beatable.

Check out the game 3 highlights of Cleveland vs Boston.

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