All-Out Double Digit Starters: Magic’s Spell Prevailed for First Season Win Against Heat

Aaron Gordon slamming the ball

A head-to-head clash boomed as the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic tried to take each other down, The Orlando Magic were tougher, defeating the Miami Heat 116-109 in a full-throttle starter combat.

All starters on both sides finished in double figures, showing that they all deserve to a spot to start a game with their efficiency and aggressiveness.

Heat somehow had the pace of the 1st quarter. They barely allowed Magic to have a taste of the lead.

The first quarter ended 37-32 in favor of Miami.

With Terrence Ross entering the game in the place of Aaron Gordon, the game slowly slid to their side with Ross dishing out assists to Ben Simmons plus hitting a shot from beyond the arc. Magic came behind until they finally pushed the scoreboard into a deadlock at 47 by Evan Fournier’s 16 footer, Nikola Vucevic with an assist. Miami was alarmed by Orlando making a comeback and ceased the action to talk things over.

Coming off the timeout with a fire extinguisher, Miami turned up the heat on their side again with James Johnson penetrating into the defense of Orlando for a jam. But still, they could not break away with Orlando’s grip. Vucevic scored from the inside and Fournier replied to Johnson with his own slam in the hoop. Joining the squad that punishes the rim, Aaron Gordon also sighted an opening to slam the ball down with the exclamation point. Tables were turned, it was Orlando 58-55 at the half.

3rd quarter is all about the Orlando, they established a huge gap, 88-78 to drain Miami’s hope.

Magic sustained their double-digit lead until the 5-minute mark of the final quarter as Johnson awakens his team with another power jam and the Miami sizzled with an 11 to nothing run, they are back in the game down by one basket, 103-105 with less than 3 minutes to play. But it was as close as they can get, Orlando ceased their offense through the offense and they never broke the five-point barrier against Fournier, Gordon and Vucevic shooting impeccably until time had run out.


Magic 116 – Fournier 23, Vucevic 19, Ross 15, Gordon 14, Payton 13, bench – 32

Heat 109 – White 26, Dragic 17, Waiters 15, Olynyk 10, Richardson 10, bench - 28

Miami Heat vs Orlando Magic Full Game Highlights October 18, 2017

(video courtesy of YouTube/G4NBAVideosHD)

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