Ball Scrutiny: No Time to Slack Off When Against the Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry taking a three point shot

A tough and tight game commenced as the Sacramento Kings tried to pull down the defending champs Golden State Warriors. But their hopes drained down when the final quarter started. 

Golden State Warriors is a very dangerous team, especially in close games knowing that they have shooting machines that will easily chop down a huge lead or crack a huge deficit in a short span of time.

Nothing beats a play with extra passes. The Warriors had 34 assists to score easy buckets. Most of the shots made by the Warriors on the late phase of the final quarter were made through assists both inside the paint, perimeter and beyond the arc.

Steph Curry is still the Warriors’ juggernaut. Scoring 18 points for his team’s win number two including 4 buckets from the rainbow country. Despite the absence of his other huge reinforcements like Kevin Durant and Draymond Green who were unable to play due to injuries and the coach’s decision not to deploy Klay Thompson and and Andre Iguodola, Steph Curry pushed the team and sealed the victory at the last minutes of the 4th.

It could’ve been a lot easier if Steph was with his usual squad on the floor. Because of the fact that only him was the center on most of the warriors’ offense, it will be harder for them to break through the defense and penetrate, unlike if there were Durant, and Thompson, defense inside will loosen up due to the threat of their shooting ability.

Though the warriors’ cannot penetrate to the inside, still they had some sort of control of the rebounding (47-40) and let the team have extra possession with 21 offensive rebounds.

The Dubs shot 15 triples compared to Kings, making just 10. Nick Young acted as a support o Curry’s back to carry the team to victory, scoring 15 points all from beyond the arc, filling up the gap left by Thompson’s absence on the outside.

Facing the Golden State Warriors and getting a win against them is more than just difficult, establishing a huge lead early on may still not seal the victory due to their capacity to score long balls fast enough. 

They are just unstoppable, the only way to win is to score more than them especially when their gunners started to be on fire. There’ll be no means to cease their devastation. 

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