Schaefer Fires Back at King, Arum and Don Retaliate

By Lem Satterfield |

Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer was far from smiling when he read the recent comments that were made by promoter Don King. For the last few days, the 78-year-old King has been spending some quality time with Floyd Mayweather Jr. The veteran promoter is making his move to become Mayweather's negotiating partner for a third attempt to make a mega-fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather has worked closley with Golden Boy for his last four fights, but recently he came to Florida to discuss a possible working relationship with King. According to King, Golden Boy Promotions have not shown Mayweather the proper respect in their four fight relationship. He says the promotional company never defends him in the media and simply view him as a piece of high-priced property.

"They [Golden Boy] don't speak ghetto-ese like Floyd Mayweather does, do you understand? I mean, that's like hieroglyphics to them. So they may talk to the man like they're talking down to the man. Talking around the man. Or looking at the man in a condescending manner, you know what I mean? They look at him like he's an indentured servant when in actuality he's the hottest thing on the planet," King said.

"Floyd Mayweather has the ability to self-promote to the point where they would offer him $40 million. But if he was with me, it would be $100 million. That's the difference. In addition, he would keep his dignity and his pride intact. They [Golden Boy] treat him like he's a cow or a horse, and like he's property. But you've got to get that s**t out the way."

King's career rival, Bob Arum of Top Rank, has actually advised Mayweather to make the deal with King. Arum believes a Mayweather-Pacquiao mega-fight is much easier to make if he negotiates with King, instead of Schaefer and Golden Boy.

Schaefer found King's comments embarrassing, especially the part where King said he relates more to Mayweather because of the ability to speak "ghetto-ese." Schaefer is tired of being targeted by the "dinosaurs" and he's fighting back.

"For Don to be saying that he can relate to Floyd Mayweather because he speaks ghetto-ese is frankly pretty embarrassing. I mean, if I were Floyd Mayweather, I would frankly feel embarrassed. Floyd Mayweather has become a Madison Avenue darling who commands the respect from Fortune 100 companies. Now, he's got Don King out there talking about ghetto-ese," said Schaefer.

"It's really an insult to the Mayweather brand. I really think so. To have this guy, this D-Rex talking about it like that -- it's just embarrassing to everybody. I don't know what that relationship is. I can't speak about somebody else's relationship. But to read about this D-Rex talking that this ghetto-ese language is how he can relate to Floyd -- it's just bad. I just felt that it was very insulting."

Instead of putting so much focus on Mayweather, Schaefer has advised King to properly promote the fighters he already has under contract.

"I think that Don King would be better served to take good care of the fighters that he actually has, such as Devon Alexander," said Schaefer. "If I were Devon, and if I had to read all week long about how Don King bought Floyd Mayweather a $500 lobster at his house, I would be insulted and upset because this was supposed to be Devon Alexander's week."

King returned fire, and continued to allege that Schaefer looks down on Mayweather and treats him like a piece of high-end property.

"You see, wherever Floyd is, that's where I'm at. And whatever that is, Floyd is beneath Schaefer because he's humiliated and embarrassed by it," said King. "It's like he doesn't want to communicate with Floyd on Floyd's level because Floyd is an animal or whatever it is, and he doesn't want to be associated with that."

Arum chimed in. He's upset with Schaefer's verbal jabs relating to age. Schaefer calls Arum and King the "dinosaurs," and handed Arum the nickname of B-Rex and gave King the nickname of D-Rex.

"It doesn't matter if he's jealous. You could say, 'They're not good promoters and so forth.' But it is totally uncalled for and obscene for him to -- in order to attack King and myself -- to keep referring to our age like it means anything. That is really offensive. I mean, that is really offensive," said Arum.

"I mean, I'm promoting as well now as I've ever promoted. King is capable of doing the same. And you don't try to denigrate us by continuing to refer to our age. That's what I take the comments 'D-Rex,' and, 'B-Rex,' to mean. I mean, come on. It's like, 'Ha Ha, very funny.'"

Lem Satterfield is the boxing editor at AOL FanHouse and the news editor at

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