Amir Khan and Pacquiao will train together April

 Amir Khan Training in the Philippines
Khan and Pacquiao both have the same trainer, Hall-of-Famer Freddie Roach. Former world light welterweight champion Amir Khan of Britain will train with the pound for pound boxing champion Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines for their upcoming boxing matches.  Amir Khan is training for his rematch against Lamont Peterson who dethroned him on their last fight while Manny Pacquiao will be battling against undefeated Tim Bradley. Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson will be held on May 19 in Las Vegas while Pacquiao vs Bradley will be on June 9 in the same venue.


Amir Khan said:

“We will train together for the first part of April,” Khan told RingTV. "Manny's brought his own gym in Manila, so they want us to train over there with him."

"I have to go and follow wherever Freddie goes,"

The British boxer said it is unlikely that he and Pacquiao will spar together.

"We're facing different styles and differen opponents. But if he wants to spar, then we'll spar,"
Khan expects Mexican champion Julio Cesar Chavez and Jorge Linares to also join them in the training camp in Manila.

"Manny's his man first, and then, I'm second. Then it's Linares and then it's Chavez," said Khan. "So they have to follow him (Roach), also. If they don't want to follow, then they'll have to go their own way."


Amir Khan training in the Philippines