What if Pinoy boxer Denver Cuello won?

I just read a couple of articles from Philboxing.com and its obvious how frustrated and disgusted boxing  writers about the result of the fight between Pinoy Denver Cuello  and China’s Xiong Zhao Zhong, who can blame them.

I guess everyone agreed that it was wrong to schedule that fight sooner because of the injury and that the team of Denver Cuello was to blame for still pursuing the fight,  Denver Cuello, Pinoy boxing was defeated even before the fight. but What if Denver Cuello won that fight?

Headline would be, Team Cuello risk payed off, Cuello wins against all odds, Cuello made the right decision, Cuello a brave man, etc... I am sure it will be a lot of good words, unfortunately he lost and in boxing, the fight dont start when the boxer step in to the ring, the fight starts when they agreed to fight and obviously Team Cuello made some wrong decision on training, health, etc and therefore loosing the fight, I don't think   its anything else, if Denver Cuello was at his 100% then the judge would have not score that way, everyone knows that he needs to do better, everyone from Team Cuello's knows the situation and knows what needs to be done to sway a decision and to win but they obviously made a mistake, oh well, we win and we lose  , that is life, Denver Cuello will heal up to fight another day but since they loose they deserve some bashing from the media. How great are we in supporting our athletes?

Go Team Denver Cuello!