Funny Stereotypes in Pickup Basketball, Must Watch


We all played basketball in our life, I can bet on it, why are you reading this post in the first place, if not then maybe your still young and you want to get a crash course on learning who you are playing with inside the court, either way I am sure you will enjoy this video made by Youtube user: DudePerfect. Check out the Funny Stereotypes in Pickup Basketball

After watching the video, post which one are you?

The Mr Excuse
The football player
The My bad guy
Mr Accessory
Mr looks could be decieving
The dad
The Player coach
The Rage mosnter
The old guy
The imaginary Dunker
The foul guy
The lose lose situation
The Tall guy that only shoots 3's
The pants guy
The Mr Freeze
The Mr Should the made the leauge
The Misses all game but banks in a 3 for the win Guy

Funny Stereotypes in Pickup Basketball

So have you figured out what kind of player are you?