Why Japeth Aguilar and JunMar Fajardo are leading the MVP race?

While the old timers, Arwind Santos and Jayson Castro are still up on the running for the MVP race, two young and lanky players are surely making the mark and leading the MVP race on the 2013 PBA Philippine Cup basketball.

More than the statistics  Japeth Aguilar and junMar Fajardo building up a nice reputation and as a new breed of basketball player in the local scene, who says tall Filipino basketball isn't quick and powerful?

The Petron Blaze big man from Cebu leads the list with 43.5 statistical points (SPs) while the Japeth is second with 41.2 SPS. JunMar Fajardo average 15.5 points and a 17.3 rebounds while adding three blocks per game in 8 games, while Aguilar will not be out done posting 19.8 points, 9.5 rebounds, and a league-leading 3.8 blocks in ten games. Both very impressive right?

Check out their highlights below.

The Kraken, brings the pain! Highlights of JunMar Fajardo

Japeth like its hot! Aguilar top dunks!